Jan. 8th, 2009

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So Kermix linked http://www.blurb.com/ today and I love it. I want to make real books of my poetry for my friends and relatives.

But since Niles took down the dreaminblue webhost the only copies I have now are my hard copies of poems. Niles said he copied the entire fileserv to his computer before cancelling the hosting service. I asked him to send me the files, which he did not do. Now he's in Israel and hopefully will be returning in a few weeks.

Problem is, I guard the book that has all my originals very closely. It is located on the second shelf to the left of the bedroom closet.

Or it was.

Its gone.

And so are many of my words.
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Tore apart my whole apartment.

- cleaned the whole bedroom closet out
- looked under bed
- checked coffee table and dining room bookshelf/storage buckets
- checked storage ottomans
- checked china cabinet (it has knick knacks)
- checked office desk
- checked bureau
- checked scrapbook storage box, in which I found another book of collected happy expressions that used to always be kept together with my poetry notebook
- checked backpacks, purses in which I found my paper journal which has about 4 poems in it
- pulled out current poetry notebook which was in my purse like its supposed to be
- checked under sofa and in cushions Hey my Mr. & Mrs. Smith dvd I thought I lost

Short of checking under the bathroom and kitchen sinks and in the kitchen cabinets I don't know where else to look.

I'm also dreading bringing this up to Chad because he will probably roll his eyes at me, relegating my panic to 'no big deal status' and tell me to just wait until Niles gets home to ask him to send me the files. I haven't made as big a deal of my poetry to him because I haven't been writing much since I moved here (mostly because I'm happy here and I tend to write poetry when I'm severely angst-ridden and depressed). But that book was supposed to be a legacy piece. I have no idea where it could have gone to. I suppose the only other place to logically look would be my car, in the box of things that came out of my office at work but I don't think I would have taken that to work since there's no more room to write in it.


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