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So yesterday someone asked me about my guild note. In case you don't know what this is, its a note that guildmembers of high rank (junior and senior officers in our case, plus the guild master) can put on your name in the guild tab (which shows who in your guild is online, what level and class they are, what guild rank they are and where in the world they are.) I'm rank Wiseguy which is the 2nd rank in the guild but its pretty awesome considering there's a ton of people who have seniority over me who are lower ranks. Everyone rank Wiseguy and above had a guild note...except me. So I was quite surprised to learn I had one and eager to see what it was.


And I looked at that and though W.T.F. DOUBLE EW, TEE, EFF. The only officers online at the time were Spiggy and Devil, both of whom were potentially sick enough to come up with that so I asked about it and they both denied any knowledge of my receipt of the note or its meaning. Thus, I came to the conclusion it could only have been posted by Raj, the GM.

Later that night I managed to work it into conversation and Raj laughed and said he was buzzed when he did it, and here is his explanation:

"I must have been high...or something I guess, I dunno. Just cuz I thought you're like this delicate flower among all us crazy nigs here in the its like you know, the girl that all the guys are circling around and kind of a big reason why they're all there."

What a roundabout way to give me what is in the end a very nice compliment - that I'm an important member of the guild, wanted and cared about, and they recognize that I have to put up with them and are kind of awed I'd waste my time with them. People in WoW are always telling me how nice I am...if only it were easy to believe I'm one of those "nice people" that everybody likes.


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