Sep. 11th, 2006 09:27 am
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So I had a really vivid dream last night. It just started as being in The Barrens in WoW and the server went down to fix some sort of distorted graphics thing. But then suddenly I was walking down a hallway in Scarlet Monastary and it became the library from the Harry Potter movies. I was on the movie set but it turned out the set was dealing with some real problems. I was standing at the set convenience store thing when Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) came up and we smiled at each other. Suddenly I realized I was 15 or so. But at the same time, I knew I was the new Defense Against the Dark Arts Teacher from book 7 (not yet released). We started talking about the villian in this book which was some sort of ancient artifact guarded by a supreme power that judged anyone who came near. The artifact was like a stone tunnel, with latticework surrounding it. At the end of the tunnel was a maw-like opening out of which shot a golden hazy beam that "judged" you and then another smaller beam that would "punish" the unworthy. The only people who could enter the maw were the "dangerously beautiful", "incredibly intelligent" and the "supremely naive". The supreme being controlling the beams spoke with a luscious female voice like Alice Krige (Borg queen from Star Trek 8). Anyway, Daniel Radcliffe as HP was saying he didn't know why they wanted him to work on solving it because he didn't find in any of the categories. I said that's a matter of perspective because there were some who would find him dangerously beautiful. There was an awkward pause, then he grabbed my hand and we started walking around holding hands and making out in corners*. Well that lasted like 2 minutes then they went back to working on the artifact. Fleur and some beautiful girl from Hogwarts tried to enter the maw. Well they were standing in the beam and it was counting down and at 39% the Hogwarts girl melted like a Salvador Dali painting and was turned to a stone sculpture that was added to some hellish garden collection of sculptures beyond the maw. I didn't see what happened to Fleur. Well then they began working on some way to get into the maw before the beam came out and Harry and company were climbing all over it as the beam searched for them. I wanted to say Duh, Hermione and Neville should go in but then I woke up.

*Daniel Radcliffe is now 19, no I'm not a perv.


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